Our Vision

  • To become the global leader in the feld of Innovative Education.
  • To become the Chief Provider of highly effectiveand educational programs.

Our Mission

Our mission at AACUS is to educate, inspireand prepare each living soul to enjoy a successful life by enhancing the self -confidence of an individual which will help everyone to be competitive, smart and possess a cutting edge."

AACUS Educations

  • Taking Ownership
  • Succeeding Together
  • Achieving Excellence

AACUS Educations Limited (AEL) was established with a passion for enhancing the quality of life across the society. AEL has adapted the motto of "ENRICHING LIVES" through knowledge enhancement of children, sphere headed by passionate young entrepreneurs. "Perfection" is the "MANTRA" and acts as the guiding principal of the organization for setting standards in Education and its delivery mechanism. We began our journey with !AACUS INNOVATION SCHOOL(and today we have been highly acclaimed among the parents as it transforms a "CHILD"to a "SMART CHILD".

An ISO 9001:2008 Certi:ed organizations is headquartered in "Asian Knowledge City"- Kolkata and has its presence across India. Its focus is on advancing nationally agreed education initiatives through programs and projects for the students and future aspirants. A dedicated research team is extensively working towards developing appropriate and e>ective techniques that being innovative make learning a fun. This enhances the "Knowledge Quotient" of the children/future aspirants. Our aim is also to support national infrastructure for ensuring access to quality assured systems and content interoperability between individuals, entities and systems.

The world is all about Time & Speed as one need to grasp the minute things fast and in this exceedingly competitive world if one fails to do so then it becomes really diBcult to climb up the ladder to success. AACUS INNOVATIONSCHOOLwill act as child's ladder to grab the pleasure of having an easy and effective life. We create umpteen potentials to mould the kid to a smarter individual.

AACUS CAPSTONE is an integral part of AACUS Educations Limited (AEL) that provides the license for the management people who desire to excel by setting new standards as professionals and technocrats in various sectors which remain a bare minimum to grow in the professional world. Apart from training it also includes the spirit of selfmotivation to excel in every endeavor of participants in the sessions.

Aacus Pre -School nurtures Holistic Development of kid by providing appropriate exposure and support which helps the child to gain excellence and expertise in various skill areas. It enhances learning through interactive resources, proper environment, age appropriate curriculum, for growth and development of children . Well versed teachers/ facilitators guides the children to bloom.

Our Brands