Board of Directors

Mr. Prithwiraj Das is the Director of AACUS Educations Limited. Prithwiraj's vision has been to transform the teaching-learning process among masses through best practices. He is an internet-age entrepreneur, advisor, educationalist with interest in the homeland & internet based education.He has held various positions in Government Service. Prithwiraj's unique vision redefined the potential of the Indian corporate sector. He is one of the Indian entrepreneur to recognise the strategic significance of human capital and discover the vast untapped potential of the human being. The corporate philosophy he believes Aspire, Believe and Do. From path-breaking initiatives in human capital exploration to Skill Development, Prithwiraj led AEL's foray into new frontiers and, thereby, helped it to discover India's largest natural resource - Human Capital. He sees a huge opportunity in transforming India through human capital, which has a unique value and supply chain model - his vision of reinventing education, finance, retail, and healthcare through innovations will usher in the digital revolution in the country and beyond.Prithwiraj Das has an illustrious career spanning over 24 years of outstanding contribution in the fields of education, general management, strategic management and business leadership. A keen learner of the latest professional developments, he is a frequent speaker in education and business conferences worldwide. Prithwiraj has a BSc in Physics, PGDBM in Marketing and a Post Graduate Degree in Social Welfare.

Mrs Dipanjana Das Director, AACUS Educations Limited, has an illustrious career spanning over 20 years of outstanding contribution in the fields of education, general management, strategic management and business leadership. She is a Graduate in Chemistry from Calcutta University and a Post-Graduate in Food & Nutrition from Calcutta University. A keen learner of the latest professional developments, She has been conferred MBA in Business Process Outsourcing. Mrs Das brings to AACUS Educations Limited the dynamism of a leader with proven abilities to achieve transformational changes. She seeks to position the AACUS Educations Limited group on course to become the largest and best human talent nourishing in the world. Mrs Das believes in growth and excellence through proactive approach and his dictum is if your intentions are pure, you are bound to succeed. Mrs Das has a strong commitment for the well-being of the society at large. His sharp focus on corporate governance and environmentally sustainable growth has been demonstrated in concrete actions and substantial benefits.She leads thousands of young minds so that they can educate more than one million young minds, and has successfully set up and led institutions, including the AACUS Innovation School. She is the guiding spirit behind health & hygiene for all initiative, which has impacted few thousand families from underprivileged backgrounds.

Mr. Pratap Chandra Das Director, a retired Government Employee. His vast experience of running government administration has helped the group to think big and convert the thoughts into realities. His knowledge of handling education, social service engineering and financial audit in his government portfolio, has given a thorough road map of policymaking and resource optimization to the Company. Financial planning, implementation and review systems are key tools which he has identified and rightly implemented in the different verticals like technology, education and environment in the group.

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